SECS/GEM M2M Communication Solution

A communications protocol/solution that allows 2 or more machines to communicate among themselves as well as to provide said machines with the ability of sending production floor data directly to the management for analysis & further action. SECS/GEM is widely used in the Semiconductor Industry, the Solar Panel Industry, the LED Industry, etc.

IoT Cloud-Based SCADA

The IoT Cloud-Based SCADA is mainly used in LAN/Cloud based applications, enabling remote monitoring of machines; as well as providing the real-time decision making option to the management of a company, thereby allowing problems and solutions to be quickly addressed and executed within minutes of a breakdown.

Kontron Embedded Solutions

Kontron Embedded Solutions basically deals with the software/hardware configurations that are specifically meant to measure and obtain data from it's sensors, much like IoT SCADA, with the difference being the additional ability to measure data from places like orchards and farms.

  1. Embedded System.
  2. Embedded Software.
  3. Embedded Cloud/FOG server.
  4. Embedded Boards & Modules.
  5. Embedded ODM Services.

EDGE Computing INFINITEbox

A powerful tool that is able to read and gather signal data from almost all kinds of sensors including (but not limited to) temperature, level, vibration, voltage/current, pH, humidity, chemical composition, and motion. Widely used to gather data from a variety of places, which include water tanks, robotic arms/machines on a production floor, etc.

Automation, Vision Programming & Robotics

Automating of processes and jobs on the production floor can help in greatly increasing a factory's production yield, standardising the products manufactured as well as reducing the amount of rejects in a set number of produced items. Through the use of robotics and software programs, employees at a factory could focus more on assuring the quality control, etc.