SECS/GEM M2M Communication Solution

A communications protocol/solution that allows 2 or more machines to communicate among themselves as well as to provide said machines with the ability of sending production floor data directly to the management for analysis & further action. SECS/GEM is widely used in the Semiconductor Industry, the Solar Panel Industry, the LED Industry, etc.

IoT Cloud-Based SCADA

The IoT Cloud-Based SCADA is mainly used in LAN/Cloud based applications, enabling remote monitoring of machines; as well as providing the real-time decision making option to the management of a company, thereby allowing problems and solutions to be quickly addressed and executed within minutes of a breakdown.

EDGE Computing INFINITEbox

A powerful tool that is able to read and gather signal data from almost all kinds of sensors including (but not limited to) temperature, level, vibration, voltage/current, pH, humidity, chemical composition, and motion. Widely used to gather data from a variety of places, which include water tanks, robotic arms/machines on a production floor, etc.

Automation, Vision Programming & Robotics

Automating of processes and jobs on the production floor can help in greatly increasing a factory's production yield, standardising the products manufactured as well as reducing the amount of rejects in a set number of produced items. Through the use of robotics and software programs, employees at a factory could focus more on assuring the quality control, etc.