Industry 4.0 Training & Consultancy

Elliance provides Industry 4.0 training and consultancy programs for the industries regarding Industry 4.0:

High-Level Training

High-Level Training are training for Managerial and C-Level Management Staff, Decision Makers and Business Owners. We assist in the understanding of Industry 4.0 on a business level, to allow for the planning of better business ventures to serve as a guide for success.

Technical Training

Elliance also provides technical training that are geared towards the fundamental understanding of the underlying technologies of Industry 4.0. Technical trainings are suitable for ground-level personnel, allowing them to understand the working principles of Industry 4.0 technologies.


Elliance’s services on Industry 4.0 Consultation:

  • Organizational Readiness Level

  • Training Needs Analysis / SWOT Analysis

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Industry 4.0 Implementation Roadmap

MyReskill IoT

MyReskill IoT is a training program that is co-developed together with MPC. In our goal to help the nation to be competitive in the global stage, MyReskill IoT provides the appropriate upskilling and necessary improvement of technical competency needed to achieve that goal. This training program specializes on hands-on technical aspects of IoT, educating its participants on its mastery with a complimentary set of starter kit.